April 2022-May 2023

Status: Ongoing

The Gender Spectrum Project is a one year program to be implemented by AIHI and TRAHI. A partnership between Achievers Improved Health Initiative (AIHI) and The Rainbow Alive Hub Initiative (TRAHI) was set to help address the issues of brutal & violent attacks, torture, stigma & discrimination, denial of rights to assembly and expression, discrimination in healthcare, Education, employment and housing, discriminatory laws among gender minority/marginalized persons in Nigeria.

This project is being carried out Online through strengthening the LGBTQI movement, building capacities of organizations, advocates and human right defenders and also to increase awareness of the plight of the LGBTQI persons in Nigeria. Virtual events are being organized in form of symposium, panel discussions, confrences as well as questions and answers with guest speakers from different field of endeavors so as to empower them for improved quality of life.