About Us

Achievers Improved Health Initiative (AIHI) is a Key Population Led organization founded in 2014, to address the health and rights needs of diverse marginalized/minority persons in northern Nigeria. This was in response to the effect of the syncretism of culture and religion in the north that exacerbates their
lived experiences, leaving them more vulnerable to stigma and discrimination.

Our primary purpose was to provide quality information and access to services that would reduce stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS, non-conforming identities, and improve quality of life.

Today, our work has expanded to incorporate broader aspects of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, mental health, empowerment, advocacy, and we have adopted principles to drive actionable steps towards strategic movement building, inclusion, dismantling of biases, advocacy and transformative leadership in the full realization of human rights.

AIHI understands that discrimination against persons living with HIV intersects with other sources of discrimination including ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion and sociocultural background, which can further limit access and deepen inequalities.


A world where diverse marginalized/minority persons are treated with dignity and respect, and are fully empowered to make healthy choices.

Our Mission

In cultivating a welcoming and safe environment where community members can thrive, AIHI works to protect and promote the rights, independence, dignity, health and well-being of diverse marginalized/minority persons.

Our Values


Discrimination is pervasive and entrenched in society. We are committed to upholding strong privacy mechanisms that protect the identities of persons living with HIV/AIDS and/or other STIs. We are also committed to protecting non-conforming identities that can invite social stigma and discrimination against the communities we work with


We are a valued part of our communities and we help others to belong


We give generously of ourselves.


We encourage individuals to think for themselves, to participate in the life of the community and be responsible for their actions.


We believe in and encourage others to reach their full potential.


We respect and uphold all intersecting and diverse experiences, identities, knowledge and strengths and strive to empower all genders to realize their full and equal rights


We are determined to make real, lasting improvements in the lives of our diverse community members by working to transform the root causes of inequalities and holding everyone accountable including the governments and decision makers.


We are honest and transparent and are committed to evaluating and communicating the outcomes of our work with integrity. We are accountable to our partners, supporters and, most of all the diverse communities we work with.


We build trusting relationships and strong partnerships as we believe that networking and building alliance with other organizations is crucial for achieving progressive change.

Our Partners